A selection of past works

F l o o d (2018)

It was an exhilarating pleasure to create Flood for Repertory Dance Theatre's spring concert, CURRENT. Developed with seven artists of the company over the course of five days during the summer of 2017, the work finally made its way to the stage for its premiere April 12-14, 2018. Set to a haunting score by Anna Þorvaldsdóttir, the work careened with physical tension.

"[The dancers] were often on the edge of physical stability, twisting themselves with movement overlapping and interweaving dynamically, likewise putting me on the edge of the seat beneath me." -Emma Wilson for LoveDanceMore, 2018


Images by Sharon Kain, courtesy of Repertory Dance Theatre.

Stranger Kin (2017)

Stranger Kin was developed under the mentorship of Doug Varone through his choreographic mentorship program, DEVICES 4. Developed with and performed by Brian Gerke and Breeanne Saxton, the work premiered in NYC in August, 2017 at Gibney Dance Center. Stranger Kin is a physical meditation on the variety of power dynamics and infinite ties we experience through our various, most intimate relationships. In 2018 the work, performed by Brian Gerke and Chang Liu, was selected from the ACDA Northwest Gala concert as the alternate for the 2018 Nationals conference.

"...highly physical and transcendent of anything mundane. The work profoundly dives into all of the possibilities of what makes up intimacy." - Kenzie Sharette, SLUG Magazine, 2017

"Stranger Kin disregards the aesthetics of cis-genders in an exhaustive, visceral exploration, and irresistibly lays bare questions of human intimacy, relativity, and power." - ACDA Northwest Region Conference adjudicators, 2018

Stranger Kin-59.jpg

Rehearsal images by Dat Nguyen of MotionVivid. More images and information about the development of Stranger Kin available here.

Pestis (2016)

Pestis was commissioned for the Shawl-Anderson Youth Ensemble, a talented pre-professional modern dance ensemble in Berkeley, California. Inspired by the drought of that and the previous years, the piece considers "survival of the fittest", investigating the paranoia that seeps into a small, desperate community.


Images by Tony Nguyen

This Way Up (2016)

This Way Up was developed in collaboration with the performers over a period of 9 months. The quintet explored the dynamics of our most intimate relationships, inspired greatly by the experiences of those in the work as well as by my own partnership with the composer for the piece, Casey Van Portfleet. We dug into the fears that are often present when our lives are deeply entwined with those of others, and wondered how we are shaped by the people whom we love. Excerpts of This Way Up won first place at Luna Dance Institute's Choreofund 5 (2015), and the full work was performed at SoCo Dance Theater's 2016 Concert (Sonoma County), SAFEhouse for the Arts (San Francisco), and at Dance Mission Theater's WAHfest (San Francisco), produced by Cali&Co Dance.

Image by Amanda Kreglow

Image by Amanda Kreglow


Rehearsal images by Erik Castro

Ladies and Elephants (2014)

An exploration of our deepest discomforts, Ladies and Elephants premiered at the Joe Goode Annex in April 2014. The devised work was developed with six Hatch Performance Collective members, integrating Sound Painting with Julie Katz, and live sound design by Casey Van Portfleet. The piece was a collection of set movement and improvised scores, conducted live through Katz's signed commands.


Images by Serena Morelli

Mother's Love. Mother's Labor. Mother's Letters to the Sea. (2013)

Mother's... , an ode to my own, is a work for 5 dancers. The piece premiered at Sonoma State University in 2013 as part of my senior concert, "How do you dance Sunshine?", and was then reset upon invitation for SoCo Dance Theater's 2014 season concert.

james_wirth_photography_050114-1314 copy.jpg

Images by James Wirth Photography

Parched (2012)

Parched was created for 13 dancers in 2012, premiering in the Fall at Sonoma State University. The piece was chosen to represent the school at ACDA West 2013 where, reworked for 10 dancers, it received the honor of being selected for the Gala Concert.

Primo Moments 2012

Primo Moments 2012


Images by James Wirth Photography

Top image by Dat Nguyen | MotionVivid