It was an exhilarating pleasure to create Flood for Repertory Dance Theatre's spring concert, CURRENT. Developed with seven artists of the company over the course of five days during the summer of 2017, the work finally made its way to the stage for its premiere April 12-14, 2018. My anxieties about the world made their way into this work, in particular those regarding the pace of the modern world. I was tapped into my fear of losing myself, my voice, my values, in an attempt to be productive in society. How do we conform without even realizing it? How do we pressure others to fit in, unintentionally or otherwise? How does privilege, or the lack of privilege, affect these experiences?

Set to a haunting score by Anna Þorvaldsdóttir, the abstract work careened with physical tension and nuanced emotion.

"[The dancers] were often on the edge of physical stability, twisting themselves with movement overlapping and interweaving dynamically, likewise putting me on the edge of the seat beneath me." -Emma Wilson for LoveDanceMore, 2018

Images by Sharon Kain, courtesy of RDT.