Current collaborators


Natalie Border | Dancer

Image by Amy Rau

Image by Amy Rau

Natalie Border, a Utah native, began training at The Dance Club studio and danced on her high school dance company. After high school Natalie continued to dance as well as administer as company president of the Snow Dance Ensemble under the direction of Patty Meredith. She graduated from the University of Utah with her BFA in Modern Dance Spring of 2015. While dancing on scholarship and as a part of the honor society, Orchesis, she performed as a guest artist in Rire-Woodbury’s “Spring Concert”, and performed with the Performing Dance Company in works by Andrea Miller of Gallim and Sharee Lane.

Natalie has also worked with other gifted artists such as Loni Landon, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Scott Wells, and LajaMartin among others. Natalie has participated in Northwest Dance Project’s Launch: 10 program, produced her own show, Nomad, and most recently had the privilege to perform in Repertory Dance Theatre’s Emerge show in work by Dan Higgins. Natalie is open to new experiences in dance performance, teaching, collaboration, and choreography.

Lyndi Coles | Dancer

Image by CPRowe Photography

Image by CPRowe Photography

Lyndi was born and raised in Pocatello Idaho and began dancing at a young age and found over a short time that dance was something she was very passionate about. She had a desire to attend college and is now a graduate from Utah Valley University (UVU) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Modern Dance. Throughout her years as a student at UVU Lyndi was awarded both full tuition scholarships and a part of various engaged learning projects. Opportunities such as attending and performing at the American College Dance Association National Festival (ACDA) held in Washington DC at the Kennedy Center, 2015 the Research Forum Ireland Conference titled UpRising, New York City, 2015 as well as multiple screen dance films, and performing at Comic-Con with Alex Boye in Salt Lake City, 2016. Lyndi collaborated with Repertory Dance Theatre, and Repertory Ballet Ensemble performing a piece entitled Tower, 2017-2018 while also performing in Repertory Dance Theatre’s Emerge dance series, 2018. Lyndi is currently a freelance dancer working with various artists and has high expectations for her future.

Brian Gerke | Dancer

Image by Steve Lorenz

Image by Steve Lorenz

Brian Gerke was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, and he received his initial dance training at the University of Montana. Brian joined Headwaters Dance Company (formerly Mo-Tran) in 2002, and in 2005, he relocated to NYC and began dancing with Hilary Easton + Co., Juliana May's MayDance, Sondra Loring and Dancers, and at the Trisha Brown Dance school, where he was a scholarship student. 

In 2007, Brian immigrated to Reykjavik to continue a burgeoning artistic collaboration with Steinunn Ketilsdóttir and eventually form their own dance company called “Steinunn and Brian.” Brian joined the Iceland Dance Company in the autumn of 2012 and became a featured and award-winning soloist throughout his tenure there until 2015.

Brian has served as the director of the Contemporary Dance Department at the National Ballet Academy of Iceland, as a guest professor at Iceland Arts University and the National Jazz School (JSB), and as a teacher at Kramhusid Community World Dance Center in Reykjavik. His work has been commissioned by Universities and professional dance companies in the US and abroad. In 2012, his work MEAT premiered in Salt Lake City at the American College Dance Festival and was selected to represent the northwest region of the United States at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Brian most recently created a new work entitled “Island” on students at California State University in San Marcos, and in 2017, he has been commissioned by Iceland Arts University and the University of Montana to create new works in the 2017-18 academic year. Brian is currently a graduate student in his second year at the University of Utah.

E'lise Jumes | Dancer

Image by Kaley Rae Photography

Image by Kaley Rae Photography

E'lise is a movement philosopher, performer and curator. Her artistic virtues emerge from the desire to self-empower, diversify and encourage authorship. E’lise values both self and world knowledge that radiates rather than pushes, pulses rather than segregates.

A native to the midwest, E’lise spent a majority of her life along the shores of Lake Michigan. E’lise earned a B.F.A. degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. During her time in Milwaukee, she produced and performed work at local venues such as the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, Milwaukee Art Museum, and MKE Follies. As a performer in the community, she had the pleasure of working with guest choreographers Rebecca Stenn, Mindy Meyers and Stephan Koplowitz. In 2013, E’lise was the recipient of the Wisconsin Dance Council Scholarship Award and participated in the community as a dance educator, performer, choreographer, and an activist for the LBGTQIA community.

E’lise’s post-undergraduate career brought her all over the world, attending multiple Gaga Movement Intensives in NYC and Israel while learning from former company members of Batsheva Dance Company, Bobbi Jene Smith, Shamel Pitts, and Shahar Binyamini under the guidance of Ohad Naharin. After returning to the states, she continued to perform and produce work in Chicago, IL until her most recent decision to pursue a graduate degree in dance. E'lise currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah while she pursues her M.F.A. in Modern Dance with a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. In Spring of 2018, her research brought her to California to study voice with Meredith Monk. Since then she has performed in San Francisco’s Concept Series: 23 and Onsite Dances. Her most recent work Saudade premiered at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City as a part of Brine Dance Series. This coming winter E’lise will be heading to Los Angeles to research movement with Ate9 as Danielle Agami creates her newest work, Blind Lady, which will premiere in the Spring of 2019.

Tyler Orcutt | Dancer

Image by Marty Buhler

Image by Marty Buhler

Tyler was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. In 2012, after earning his B.F.A. in Modern Dance at the University of South Florida, he began dancing professionally with Repertory Dance Theatre. While performing in Salt Lake and touring the west coast, he has had the honor of performing roles choreographed by classic modern dance pioneers such as Ted Shawn, José Limón, and Merce Cunningham, among others.

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