Ever evolving... 

my philosophy of teaching is inspired by those teachers who have inspired me, and influenced by my current studies of pedagogy, my increasing experiences in the classroom, and by my own experiences and physical needs as a professional dancer. But there are foundational elements to my beliefs about teaching that are rooted in my personal values—principals which value inclusivity, collaboration, and the honoring of an individual’s journey.

I believe that a good teacher is student-focused, aiming to meet the students where they are and to support their growth beginning by embracing where they are at. In my classes I strive to see each of my students every day, as people engaged in learning. I am interested in getting to know my students, embracing the fact that they have a right to privacy and that mystery between us will always remain. Seeing my students is a challenge, for seeing each student requires more than a glance. It means observing them, considering their energy, effort, successes, struggles, and their ability to show up. Truly seeing them allows me to champion their successes and to step in when they appear to be falling behind. 

I believe in holding space for students to practice developing ideas and for them to share those ideas with the community. I respect the vulnerability required of students to practice self-expression, especially when those expressions are out of the norm, or when the ideas shared may be offensive or misplaced. The classroom is a place for development and conflict is an opportunity for growth. I believe in striving to allow for all voices in the room to be heard while keeping the learning community safe and the students accountable for their ideas and actions.

I am a student. I have an obligation to continue to learn in order to be as resourceful, inquisitive, critical in thought, and open for my students as I possibly can be. I am learning from my students constantly, am actively engaged in our field, am forever curious about its growth and my own place in it, and strive to serve as a resource for others.

As a technique instructor...

I strive to challenge my students technically while keeping the space safe for personal expression, just as I do in the theoretical classroom. In technique (contemporary and ballet) I aim to help my students strive for their potential, and to develop their own personal standard of rigor and a love for hard work. The studying of codified techniques is used as a starting point for the students to discover their own physical, theoretical and aesthetic interests, and their own unique points of view. My training is rooted in contemporary dance, my most influential teachers having been informed by release techniques, Bartenieff Fundamentals, various martial arts, and Limón. My movement is rooted as well in my many years of ballet and yoga studies, and a hodgepodge of other aesthetically different styles and techniques.


teaching résumé


2018-2019 — University of Utah

  • Composition Workshop (Freshmen Modern majors) - Spring 2018

  • Dance Appreciation - Online (non-majors) - Spring 2018

  • Dance Appreciation - Live (Non-Majors) - Spring 2018Conditioning for Dancers (Freshmen Modern majors) - Fall 2018

  • Freshman Seminar (Modern majors; co-taught with Ballet) - Fall 2018

  • Non-Majors Beginning Modern Dance Technique - Fall 2018

2017-2018 — University of Utah

  • Non-Majors Dance Composition - Fall 2017

  • Dance Appreciation - Online (non-majors) - Spring 2018 - TA

  • Dance History (Modern Dance majors) - Spring 2018 - TA

  • Movement in Culture (Upper Div. Writing GE) - Fall 2017 - TA

2016-2017 — University of Utah

  • Non-Majors Dance Composition - Spring 2017

  • Dance History (Ballet majors) - Spring 2017 - TA

  • Non-Majors Dance Composition - Fall 2016 - TA

2015-2016 — Sonoma State University

  • Contemporary Dance Level II-IV (Fall and Spring semesters)

  • Ensemble; Course Instructor and Director of the Fall Dance Concert (Fall 2015)


2014-2016 — Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

  • Ballet III - age 10-12

  • Beginning Teen Ballet

  • Modern - age 10-12

  • Sub for youth modern classes - all levels

  • Sub for adult beginning ballet

  • Yoga for youth summer intensives

2015-2016 — Barefoot Movement

  • Vinyasa Flow yoga — various adult open class levels

2011-2015 — Sebastopol Ballet School

  • Sub for adult and youth ballet classes

2011-2016 — Various SF Bay Area Studios

  • Sub for adult and youth modern and ballet at other various studios, including ROCO Dance and Fitness, ODC/Dance, and Sonoma State University.

full curriculum vitae

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Image by Myray Reames | Choreography by Christine Cali